Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is in this for me?

This is a question I have heard from the onset. If it hasn't been spelled out, it has been implied, it is on everyone's mind.. and it is certainly valid.

If you have been to any of the meetings, I have tried to address this concern directly. I believe there is indeed a lot in this for you... So, why join our Clinically Integrated IPA? What is in it for you and your group?

1. MAINTAIN INDEPENDENCE: Joining Beacon IPA allows you to maintain your corporate structure. You do not need to tear down your PC or LLC. You do not need to restructure agreements, your retirement plan or internal operations.

2. EMR/ EHR: The time has come to embrace the electronic medical record. We will provide what we believe to be a compelling offer for an EMR that will qualify for meaningful use and allow you the opportunity to benefit from the governement incentive bonus of $44,000 per provider. Additionally, we are prepared to help with the implemenation and training with our strategic IT partners.

 3. PHYSICIAN OWNED AND RUN: This is your chance to be part of the process. To have a seat at the table. To be involved from the onset creating this network. This is not the top down, administrator driven approach of other being healthcare entities.

4. ECONOMIES OF SCALE: As more practices join, the more opportunities will arise.

5. INCREASED REVENUE: There is every intension and expectation that ultimately this will increase the revenue to your practice. As I have mentioned time and time again, our primary goal is providing VALUE to our patients with quality care and oversight. This behavior is also valued by the payors and will be incentivized going forward. We are positioning ourselves to enjoy the benefits of being a quality organization.

6. GROUP PURCHASING: See number 4 above... This is another potential benefit of joining our IPA.

7. RELEVANCE: Rising to regional or national prominence may be something you would derive utility from. As a group, we may have an opportunity to be involved in healthcare policy that effects our patients (and ourselves) on a bigger scale.

8. OTHER SERVICES: The IPA may be able to help offer other services to individual practices, such as profitability healthcare consultants to help maximize your operations and increase your margins.

9. COLLABORATE WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES: network with doctors that you may not ordinarily interact with for a variety of reasons could be another benefit.

10. LOW BARRIER TO ENTRY / EASY EXIT: As was said above, you get to maintain independence. There is very little that needs to be done to enter into the IPA... and if you are unhappy for whatever reason, you can leave.

So what are you waiting for?!

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